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The Z4eX Extreme 3 Frequency Zapper

The Z4eX Extreme is an updated model based on the popular Zapper C3i. The Zapper C3i was widely sold for a number of years before being discontinued by the manufacturer with the release of the Z4eX Extreme. The Z4eX Extreme is based on the zapper designs published by Dr. Hulda Clark.

The Z4eX Extreme Zapper is an inexpensive zapper with a small size, small price, and very high quality. It is made using solid-state ground plane circuitry produced on a world-class assembly-line. It produces an output that is completely stable at ALL frequencies and should last for many, many years, even with daily use.

It is powered by a standard 9 volt battery and comes complete with a set of cables and wrist-straps for easy, hands-free use almost anywhere.

The owners of Z4eXZapper.com have used zappers personally since 1995 and sold well over 10,000+ zappers since 1999. They consider the Z4eX Extreme Zapper to be one of the best, most reliable, high-quality zappers on the market, with a failure rate of less than .1%!

As a matter of fact the Z4eX Extreme Zapper is SO RELIABLE we offer a TWO YEAR WARRANTY against manufacturing defects!

Make sure you check out our Quantity Discounts! Buy the Z4eX for as low as
$62 each!

Many zappers sell for hundreds of dollars. What's the difference between the Z4eX and most of the others?

    * The Z4eX uses much better construction than most zappers on the market
    * It's made on an ISO-9002 SMD assembly line to military level quality
    * It has significantly fewer warranty issues (NO DEFECTS!)
    * It has a more accurate signal output due to more precise components
    * It is GUARANTEED to accurately meet Dr. Clark's latest specifications
    * Includes 3 easy-to-select frequencies: 30KHz, 2.5KHz, and 15Hz
    * Small, compact design
    * Wrist straps and cable are included (an optional alligator cable is needed for use with handholds)
    * Includes everything needed to begin zapping immediately (9 volt battery not included)

The Z4eX Extreme Zapper uses the latest specs from Dr. Hulda Clark and delivers a very precise square wave output for years of use at one of the lowest prices on the market. If you need a Zapper and don't want to spend a bundle on questionable fancy features this is the zapper we highly recommend.

This is an environmentally friendly GREEN PRODUCT! It contains no lead and is made with the preservation of our environment in mind!

The Z4eX Extreme Zapper has a
red LED low battery indicator that only comes on when the battery is low. The green Power LED comes on when the unit is turned on and stays on the entire time. It has a steady glow and will not blink while operating.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning on using copper handholds you will need to buy the optional Zapper Cable with Alligator Connectors. The standard cable that comes with the Z4eX Extreme Zapper uses a dome snap connector that WILL NOT WORK with most handholds.

We have an optional cable/handhold bundled set that includes a pair of our super polished Copper Pipe Handholds and an Alligator Cable that are designed to work with the Z4eX Extreme Zapper. Click Here for details.

           We have an extensive Online Zapper KnowledgeBase.
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